We hope you enjoyed the 12th Annual Battle O’ Baltimore!

An Off-Season FRC Event

The 2018 Battle O’ Baltimore:

Friday, September 21, 2018
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Hosted by the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland

The event is free and open to the public for spectators.  (Team registration fee is $250)

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Thanks to all of our awesome sponsors, teams, volunteers, mentors, and others who made this event possible!  Without you, it would not have happened!

FTC or FLL you say?

Attend an FTC or FLL workshop at BoB 18!  If you want more details, click here!

What is the Battle O’ Baltimore?

What is the Battle O’ Baltimore?
A competition of the mind

36 high school robotics teams will come together to play FIRST STEAMworks.  Our goal is to provide an event where new teams, new drivers, and new members to the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) community are welcome and can engage in friendly competition.

We are proud to continue our development of this event as one of the premiere off-season competitions on the East Coast.

2018 FRC Game: POWER UP

The 2018 FRC Game – FIRST POWER UP

FIRST POWER UP,  the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition game, invites two teams into the ARCADE, where each team must work with their alliance partners to ultimately defeat the boss!
Each three-team alliance prepares in three ways:

1. Take ownership of their SWITCH and balance POWER CUBES in their favor on the SCALE:  Using power cubes to tip either the switch or scale in their team’s favor grants the alliance points that continue to accumulate over time.

2. Play Power Ups:  Robots may give their human players power cubes through the EXCHANGE, which the human players can use for extra Boost, Force and Levitate points.

3. Face the Boss:  Robots work together to all climb the scale and Face the Boss!

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Game Animation Video:


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